All You Need To Know About Stainless Steel Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are made of gold, diamond, platinum and titanium. Did you know of stainless steel wedding bands? These bands are new and trending now in the wedding market. The bands are seeing a rise in demand as they are inexpensive when compared to other metals and is durable along with offering excellent quality. To know more about the favorite trends in wedding, refer If you have not heard or read of stainless steel wedding bands read below to know all you should know about stainless steel wedding bands.

What to except:
Stainless steel is a standard metal used in kitchenware and is an alloy made of carbon, calcium, and chromium. The metal chromium is responsible for giving the durability and brightness that makes it a popular choice for kitchenware. Apart from the bright and reflective properties, the metal steel is a featherweight. A wedding ring made out of it will feel like you have nothing on your finger. Since it is heat and electric resistant, so you need not be concerned about its durability either and hence makes it an excellent option for a wedding ring. It is also anti-corrosive and does not tarnish that quickly and therefore you can expect it not to get damaged quickly and is an excellent choice as it can withstand years of harsh usage and can still look great on your fingers for many years.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Wedding Rings
● It is highly durable, anti-corrosive and not prone to scratches, despite all these properties it is very inexpensive.
● They look like platinum but with a cost way less than it.
● They offer a lot of quality to the ring that you will wear for the rest of your married life, you do not have to compromise on quality nor do you have to empty your pocket as you can buy them at very low rates.
● Producing steel requires less energy compared to other metals and hence more eco-friendly. It can also be recycled and thus can be termed as a green metal.
● They do not need any rhodium plate.
● Most stainless steel rings do not cause any skin allergy except rings with Nickel which can cause an allergic reaction when worn.

● Though Stainless steel rings are getting popular, it is still not that easily available in stores. You can get a few good online stores where you can order.
● Cannot be repaired if damaged, but many retailers offer an exchange program.
● These rings can get damaged by exposure to chlorine and hence cannot be worn when swimming.
● Need to be polished as it may lose its brightness due to wear.

Tips while shopping for a stainless steel ring:
● Determine the correct size of the ring as it cannot be resized after ordering it. It is advisable that you get the size of your finger measured at least twice to get the right fit.
● Electroplating of stainless steel makes it less durable and hence should be avoided if you plan to wear the ring daily.
● Tension set rings are durable but provided the materials used are proper and manufactured accurately. Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are best suited for these types of rings.

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